This past Saturday was a pretty day.  My family decided to take a walk down to our campsite. I decided to ride my bike.  I got so far and quickly realized that there was so much mud my bike kept sliding and stopping. (If only I had a fat bike).



I decided to put my bike to the side and continue walking with my family.  Since we hadn’t been to the site since fall it was grown up with a lot of weeds. It took us awhile to walk it because of all the blackberry bushes and their thorns. My little brother kept wanting to be carried, but he ended up walking it all after my dad let him be the leader.


When we got to the campsite we decided to have a little snack. I packed in my bag: A bottle of water, a crabby patty, Clif Kids Fruit Stick and Veggie Sticks.


After we had our snack, we went back home

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