Weekend Trip To Lake Powhatan

This past weekend, our family decided to camp at Lake Powhatan which is located in the Bent Creek area in the Pisgah National Forest. We had never been here before and I was excited to check it out!

lake Powhatan

It was a nice wooded area and had tons of biking and hiking trails. I enjoy both biking and hiking, but my little brother Luke isn’t a fan of hiking yet.  He’s just four years old, so I bet he will like it more when he gets to be my age.

We tent camped on Hard Times Loop, site 91 which was a really good location.  The woods were behind us which was really nice and we were close to the bathrooms.  Being close to the bathrooms come in handy when you have a little brother, or that’s what my mom says anyway.


Our site was pretty shaded and we had a picnic table, lantern post and campfire ring with the grill attached.  My mom bought my dad a smaller Weber grill for their anniversary and they brought that a long too.

Pretending to cook acorns using his little pretend camp equipment.

The sites were pretty big.  My little brother and I had plenty of room to run around and play tag or with all the toys we brought.  We even had plenty of space for all our bicycles which take up a lot of room.

I thought it was quiet while we were there, but my dad said that our campground neighbors probably didn’t agree since we’re kids and like to run and be loud.  Not too loud and we knew to be very quiet when quiet time started.

Our first morning there someone’s car alarm was going off for a long time and woke me up. I’m pretty sure they really wanted the entire campground awake at 6:30 am. We couldn’t see their tent, but had an idea of the direction it was coming from.


My mom was super happy when she found out the bathrooms and showers were very clean! She said she doesn’t like going into dark bathrooms with creepy ole’ bugs being locked in with her, and between  my mom and little brother..they visit the potty A LOT!

The Lake
The Lake

They do have what is called a Lake area but to us it was more like a huge pond, but they do keep it stocked with trout.  My mom had mentioned that to my dad and we were going to take our fishing poles but forgot them.  We are gonna take them next time for sure.
Lake Powhatan


All in all we had a great weekend and will definitely be revisiting Lake Powhatan when we are hitting the trails in the Bent Creek area.

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