Sunday Hike On The Appalachian Trail

After two weeks of snow and rain, we had a beautiful day.  We decided to enjoy the day outdoors by heading out on a hiking adventure.  We weren’t sure exactly where we were going at first, but I knew I wanted to hit a part of the Appalachian trail.



The first time I was on the Appalachian trail was about two years ago and that was also the first that I ever did an overnight hike.  I wasn’t sure what to expect that very first time but really enjoyed it.  I haven’t had a chance to go back on the Appalachian since then because my little brother hasn’t been big enough and I have missed it!

My first time on an overnight hike


After driving around for what seemed like forever (we left our kindles at home), we finally decided to go in at Unicoi Gap. This was where we came out the last time we hiked on the Appalachian.  This time was a different adventure because we went in a different direction than we came out the time before.


We weren’t able to go as far as I wanted because my little brother kept wanting to stop for snacks and the day was quickly coming to an end. We knew we had to turn around to head back out in order to make it back to the car before dark since my little brother stops a lot still to play and pick up sticks.

One of his many water/snack breaks
One of his many water/snack breaks

Here’s a picture of us at one of the cool trees and vines we passed


I’m already planning an adventure that I hope will include hiking and camping for my birthday celebration!

Stay tuned!!

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